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Science (Grade 3) - Strong and Stable Structures
Grade 3 students will develop their understanding of strength and stability and why it is important in human and animal structures. They will learn the factors that determine a structures strength and stability such as its centre of gravity and its shape. They will design and build their own strong and stable structure to support what they have learned.
Reference Sources
  • Bridges (J 624.2 OXL 2006)
    A wonderful book on bridges from the series, ’Building Amazing Structures’. This book explores the history, design and site preporation for building bridges. Includes colour photographs and diagrams.
  • Construction: Structures, Style and Building (J 690 CRA )
  • The Science of Structures (J 624.1 PAR )
  • Super Structures (J 624.1771 GOO )
  • Build it! Activities For Setting Up Super Structures (J 624.1078 GOO )
  • Structures and Buildings  (J 624.1 HAW )
  • Bridges (J 624.2 DUN )
  • The Art of Construction: projects and principles for beginning engineers and architects  (J 624.1771 SAL 1990 )
  • Super Structures (J 721 BOS)
  • Science Q & A Construction (J 690 CRA)
    What is a structure? How are structures built? How do skyscrapers withstand forces? This book has the answers to these questions and more.
  • The 10 Most Amazing Bridges (J 624.2 HAR)
    Includes wonderful colour photographs and interesting captions to enhance your learning such as... Quick Facts, The Expert Says.. and Take Note.
  • Les Structures, C’est Quoi? (J FRENCH 624.1)
  • Skyscrapers (J 720.483 OXL 2006)
    Take a look at the world’s largest skyscrapers! This book explains how skyscrapers are build and more. Includes diagrams and photos plus interesting skyscraper facts from the series, ’Building Amazing Structures’.
  • Skyscrapers [DVD] (J 690.523 BUI)
  • Bridges [DVD] (J 624.2 BUI)
  • Domes [DVD] (J 624.1775 BUI)
  • Super Structures (J 624.1 WIL)
  • Towers and Tunnels (J 624 KAN)
  • Megastructures: Tallest, Longest, Biggest, Deepest (J 720.4 GRA)
  • Canals (J 627.13 OXL 2006)
    From the series, ’Building Amazing Structures’ this book features the design and construction of some of the most famous canals in the world.
  • How a Skyscraper is Built (J 720.483 SHE )
  • How a Bridge is Built (J 624.2 ALO)
  • How Did They Build That? Dam  (J 627.8 MUL)
  • Bridges! Amazing structures to design, build & test (J 624.2 JOH)

    Other items on similar subjects can be found in the same call number areas.

  • Big Buildings of the Modern World (J 720 SCO)
  • Big Buildings of the Ancient World (J 720 SCO)
  • 13 Skyscrapers Children Should Know (J 690.383 FIN)
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