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Science (Grade 3) - Strong and Stable Structures
Grade 3 students will develop their understanding of strength and stability and why it is important in human and animal structures. They will learn the factors that determine a structures strength and stability such as its centre of gravity and its shape. They will design and build their own strong and stable structure to support what they have learned.
  • Bridges (J 624.2 OXL 2006)
    A wonderful book on bridges from the series, ’Building Amazing Structures’. This book explores the history, design and site preporation for building bridges. Includes colour photographs and diagrams.
  • Construction: Structures, Style and Building (J 690 CRA )
  • The Science of Structures (J 624.1 PAR )
  • Buildings and structures (J 690 BUI )
  • Bridges (J 624.2 MAT )
  • The Art of Construction: projects and principles for beginning engineers and architects  (J 624.1771 SAL 1990 )
  • Super Structures (J 721 BOS)
  • Science Q & A Construction (J 690 CRA)
    What is a structure? How are structures built? How do skyscrapers withstand forces? This book has the answers to these questions and more.
  • Canadian Structures: Roads (J 625.70971 SPA)
  • The 10 Most Amazing Bridges (J 624.2 HAR)
    Includes wonderful colour photographs and interesting captions to enhance your learning such as... Quick Facts, The Expert Says.. and Take Note.
  • The Random House Book of How Things Were Built (J 720 BRO )
  • Les Structures, C’est Quoi? (J FRENCH 624.1)
  • Skyscrapers (J 720.483 OXL 2006)
    Take a look at the world’s largest skyscrapers! This book explains how skyscrapers are build and more. Includes diagrams and photos plus interesting skyscraper facts from the series, ’Building Amazing Structures’.
  • Skyscrapers [DVD] (J 690.523 BUI)
  • Domes [DVD] (J 624.1775 BUI)
  • Super Structures (J 624.1 WIL)
  • Towers and Tunnels (J 624 KAN)
  • Megastructures: Tallest, Longest, Biggest, Deepest (J 720.4 GRA)
  • Canals (J 627.13 OXL 2006)
    From the series, ’Building Amazing Structures’ this book features the design and construction of some of the most famous canals in the world.
  • How a Skyscraper is Built (J 720.483 SHE )
  • How a Bridge is Built (J 624.2 ALO)
  • How Did They Build That? Dam  (J 627.8 MUL)
  • Bridges! Amazing structures to design, build & test (J 624.2 JOH)
  • Canadian Structures: Stadiums (J 725.82709 GAG)
  • Canadian Structures: Towers (J 725.970971 MOO)
  • Canadian Structures: Tunnels (J 624.19309 BJO)
  • Big Buildings of the Modern World (J 720 SCO)
  • Big Buildings of the Ancient World (J 720 SCO)
  • 13 Skyscrapers Children Should Know (J 690.383 FIN)
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