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Science (Grade 3) - Forces Causing Movement
Grade 3 students will learn about the ways in which forces create movement in objects, for example, that some movement results from an imbalance between forces, and some from the release of stored energy. They will learn the two basic types of forces that cause movement. The first is called a contact force such as a push or pull between surfaces that are in direct contact. The second type of force is non-contact such as a magnetic or gravitational force. In addition, the study of forces will enable students to expand their understanding of control by designing and making devices that use a form of energy and can apply a force to another object.
Reference Sources
  • Super Cool Forces and Motion Activities With Max Axiom (J 531.6078 BIS )
    Look for more materials on Forces and Motions in the area of 531
  • Magnetism and Electricity: The Broken Toy Car (J 537 SOH)
  • Forces & Simple Machines (J 621.8078 RIC)
    Hands-on projects to help you learn the key concepts of forces and simple machines.
  • Magnetism (J 538 GRA)
    More materials available on this topic in this area.
  • Gravity (J 531.14 MAN)
    Learn the science of gravity with easy reading text and colour photography. Includes a Glossary, On The Web section and Index.
  • Magnets and Sparks (J 538.078 MAD)
    16 Easy-to-follow experiments for learning fun. Find out how electricity and magnetism work!
  • Découvre les Aimants (J FRENCH 538.4 KRE)
    Discover magnets! This picture book briefly describes the discovery of magnets and provides different experiments to show what magnets can do.
  • Les Forces, C’est Quoi? (J FRENCH 531.11 MAS)
    Explore force and movement in this simple picture book with fun, easy experiments. From the Explique-Moi Les Sciences series. Includes a section for teachers or parents, a glossary, and an index.
  • All About Motion & Balance [DVD] (J 531.11 ALL)
  • Experiment With Movement (J 531.11 MUR)
    Explore basic scientific principles such as gravity, using pulleys and levers, and how gears work. Large colour photographs and easy-to-do experiments encourage the reader to have fun with science. Put on your thinking cap and get moving!
  • Magnets (J 538.4078 TAY)
    From the, ’Science Explorer’ series, this book features six cool experiments with magnets! Includes a Glossary, Index and Further Information resources.
  • Steam Power [DVD] (J 621.1 WAY)
  • Super Cool Mechanical Activities with Max Axiom (J 621.078 ENZ)
    Includes several experiments involving forces and motion.
  • Science for Kids: Force [DVD] (J 531 SCI)
  • Pushing and Pulling (J 531.6 HYD)
  • What is Motion?  (J 531.11 HYD)
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