Science (Grade 5) - Conservation of Energy
Grade 5 students will study the demands modern society places on non-renewable sources of energy, and the development of alternative and renewable sources. They will deepen their understanding of how devices use energy by designing, constructing and operating their own devices. In addition, students will expand their knowledge of the different sources of energy and classify them as renewable and non-renewable.
  • All About the Conservation of Energy [DVD] (J 333.7916 ALL)
  • Geothermal Power (J 333.88 SHE)
  • Saving Water and Energy (J 333.72 Ste)
  • Earth-Friendly Energy (J 333.79 FRI)
    Includes bonus sections on Into the Future, Going Green, Source Notes, Selected Bibliography and Further Reading.
  • Solar Power (J 333.7923 MOR)
    How is solar power used around the world today? Find out about it’s renewable benefits, potential problems and future trends.
  • Hydroelectric Energy (J 621.312134 ORR)
    Features 21st century content and useful margin notes for learning and innovation skills.
  • Energy (J 333.79 STR)
    Explore the world of energy in the 21st century. Discover what a sustainable energy source is. Includes graphs and up-to-date statistics, case studies and ideas for further research.
  • Bio-Fuels (J 662.88 MUS)
    Find out how scientists are tapping into this sustainable engery resource. Includes margin notes on 21st century content plus tips on learning and innovation skills.
  • Nuclear Power (J 333.7924)
    A facinating look at how nuclear power was discovered and developed. Explains the benefits and problems of energy from matter. Includes future energy trends.
  • Energy and Power (J 333.79 PAR)
    From the series, ’How it Works’ discover the technology behind 15 different energy-generating systems.
  • All About the Transfer of Energy [DVD] (J 531.6 ALL)
  • This Is My Planet (J 363.73874 THO)
  • Energy Technology (J 621.042 OXL)
    This book covers the latest developments in technology. Feature boxes include How it Works, What’s Next, and For and Against.
  • Biomass Power (J 333.9539 MOR)
    From the,’Energy Sources’ series explore the facts, issues and the future of energy. Includes a glossary.
  • Nuclear Energy [DVD] (J 539.7 NUC)
  • Energy Resources: Use & Conservation [DVD] (J 333.794 ENE)
  • Wind Power (J 621.312136 MOR)
    Colourful photographs, and interesting energy facts reveal how modern wind turbines and “wind farms” are being used more and more to provide electricity to communities around the world.
  • Energy (J 621.042 HER)
  • Energy of the Future (J 333.79 ROY)
  • Waste Disposal  (J 628.4 MOR)
    Did you know that burning waste is one way to make electricity? This book explains how. Includes a fact file, glossary and index.
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