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New to Hoopla

Looking for a new way to access your digital collection items? hoopla has announced support for Amazon Alexa devices, including support for the Echo, Dot, Spot, and Show.

In addition to those already supported, hoopla has recently added support for the Amazon FireTV 3rd Generation, as well as the Chromecast Ultra device.

Leaving Hoopla

As part of the natural lifecycle of technology, hoopla occasionally phases out support for older browsers or devices. With this in mind, the service announced it is ending support for Apple iOS9 devices (such as the iPad Mini and the iPhone 4s). While hoopla will continue to work on these Apple devices for the immediate future, they will not receive future app updates.

Similarly, hoopla will also be ending support for Internet Explorer 11. While hoopla notes that IE11 accounts "only a tiny fraction of hoopla browser usage," the service understand that this may impact customers using a Microsoft operating system that predates Windows 10. The best alternative for such customers will be to utilize a different browser, such as Chrome or Firefox.

Notice from Lynda.com:

In December 2016 an unauthorized third party breached a database that included some Lynda.com learning data, such as contact information and courses viewed. We are informing users of this issue out of an abundance of caution. Please know that we have no evidence that this data included email addresses or passwords. And while we have no evidence that specific accounts were accessed or that any data has been made publicly available, we wanted to notify users as a precautionary measure. If users have any questions or concerns please contact the Support Centre at Lynda.com. (https://www.lynda.com/support/)



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