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Teen Programs
  • 2017 #RHPLInstaLife Summer Challenges: 13-19 years
    Follow us on Instagram @RHPLInstaLife for weekly challenges.
    Get creative to win weekly prizes and a chance at the grand prize!
  • Adulting 101: Money Matters: 13+
    Don’t dig into your friends couches for lint and spare change! We’ll help you become a money master in no time.
  • Adulting 101: Moving Out: 13+
    Get ready for living on your own by learning the ins and outs of living in a dorm or an apartment. There will even be plenty of microwave friendly cooking tips to keep your stomach happy.
  • Amazing Race Canada 150: 11-16 years
    Travel across Canada, delve into Canadian history, solve riddles, play Canadian games and race to the finish line all while never having to leave the library.
  • Anime Club: 13-19
    Anime fans unite! Join us for anime screenings, Japanese crafts, and, of course, snacks!
  • CANCELLED: “Open Mic Night: TSRC Kickoff” Signup : 13-19
    Please note: This event has been cancelled.
  • Coffee and Code: 14+
    Join us every other Saturday for a real coding fun with our volunteers. Build your own website and learn exciting computers coding languages. Bring your own laptops. This program is in partnership with the Markham and Richmond Hill free code camp. No experience required.
  • Create a Paperback Heart
    Learn to make a heart decoration using only a paperback novel.
  • Create Cool Cards with “iris” folding
    Learn the new paper art of “iris” folding to create cool designs to make greeting cards.
  • Create your own Ringtone with Garageband: 14-18 years
    Using Garageband, learn how to create a catchy ringtone that you can put on your phone and play for your friends!
    (iPads only)
  • K-Pop Club: 13-19
    Join us right after Anime Club for K-Pop Club! Korean music, games, and karaoke; does it get much better?
  • No Fear Shakespeare: 13-18
    Become the smartest person in a high-level English course! This workshop will familiarize you with Shakespearean plays while translating them into everyday English.
  • Summer English Speaking Club for Newcomer Youth: 13-17
    Are you a teen who is new to Canada? Would you like to practice speaking English, meet new friends, and have fun? Let’s talk!
  • Summer Spa Night: 13-18
    Take a break from the summer school grind to create your own sugar scrub and bath bombs before doing simple relaxation stretches. Pamper yourself for a night!
  • Take a Paws : 13+
    Need a study break? Then take a little “paws” to de-stress with a St. John’s Ambulance therapy dog!