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School Assignment Guide
Alexander Mackenzie High School
Grade 11 Science: Biology
Choose from the following topic list: 1. use of viruses & bacteria in biotechnology; 2. ability of pests to resist pesticides; 3. importance of species biodiversity; 4. advantages & disadvantages of taking supplements; 5. modern medical advances that improve human health; 6. development of medical technologies that monitor our health; 7. Canadian contributions in medical technology; 8. impact of lifestyle choices on human health; 9. impact of agriculture on population growth and population growth on agriculture; 10. genetically modified food plants vs organic food plants; 11. impact of long-term pesticide; 12. Canada and genetic research; 13. social impact of genetic research; 14. use of plant extracts in food; 15. impact of drugs on homeostasis.
Reference Sources
  • Bacteria in biology, biotechnology and medicine (REF 589.9 SIN 1995)
  • Biodiversity: a reference handbook (REF 333.95 BEC)
  • Biotechnology: demystifying the concepts (REF 572.8 BOU)
  • Nature wars: people vs pests (577.279 WIN)
  • The Facts on File dictionary of biotechnology and genetic engineering (REF 660.603 STE 2001)
  • Basic biotechnology (660.6 BAS 2001)
  • Basic human genetics (599.935 MAN 1999)
  • Biodiversity in Canada: ecology, ideas and action (333.950971 BIO)
  • Dinner at the new gene cafe: how genetic engineering is changing what we eat, how we live, and the global politics of food (363.192 LAM)
  • Feeding the ten billion: plants and population growth (363.9 EVA)
  • Genetically modified foods: debating biotechnology (363.1929 GEN)
  • Genome: the autobiography of a species in 23 chapters (599.935 RID)
  • Green nature/human nature: the meaning of plants in our lives (304.27 LEW)
  • How to prevent pesticide pollution: silent suicide: the risk with pesticides (363.1792 DEA)
  • It ain’t necessarily so: the dream of the human genome and other illusions (576.5 LEW 2001)
  • Life in the balance: humanity and the biodiversity crisis (333.95 ELD)
  • Life without disease: the pursuit of medical utopia (610 SCH)
  • Lords of the harvest: biotech, big money and the future of food (363.1929 CHA)
  • Natural remedies and supplements (615.535 NAT 2001)
  • Nature wars: people vs pests (577.279 WIN)
  • Nature’s prescriptions: foods, vitamins, and supplements that prevent disease (613.2 NAT)
  • Nutraceuticals: the complete encyclopedia of supplements, herbs, vitamins, and healing foods (613.2 ROB)
  • Prevention magazine’s complete book of vitamins and minerals: the latest facts about using nutrition as a powerful force for health and healing (613.2 PRE)
  • Quality of life: the new medical dilemma (174.24 QUA)
  • Re-creating medicine: ethical issues at the frontiers of medicine (174.957 PEN)
  • Technology and the future of health care: preparing for the next 30 years (610.28 ELL)
  • The biodiversity crisis: losing what counts (333.9516 BIO)
  • The ethics of food: a reader for the twenty-first century (363.192 ETH)
  • The human genome (174.957 HUM)
  • The molecules within us: our body in health and disease (610 PAS)
  • The pesticide question: environment, economics and ethics (363.1792 PES)
  • Unnatural selection: the promise and the power of human gene research (174.25 WIN)
Online Databases
  • EBSCOHost  (Search terms: "Enter topic from your list, i.e., lifestyle choices and health")
  • Access Science  (Search terms: "Enter topic from your list, i.e., biology and biotechnology")
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