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  • What is a scholarly journal?
    Learn what your teacher means when they tell you that you must use a scholarly source.
  • Where do I find literary criticism?
    Get the resources you need for the novel or story you are reviewing.
  • How do I find articles?
    Can't find any books that help you with your assignment? Or maybe you need a little more than what you've already found. Newspaper, magazine, and journal articles can be good sources for focused and up-to-date information on your topic.
  • What is a call number?
    Did you know that libraries shelve materials according to subject area? Discover how you can use the Dewey Decimal Classification System to find materials in the Library.
  • How do I cite a source?
    You need to show the work that you have done to develop your research paper and acknowledge the resource materials that you have used to support your ideas and conclusions. To do this, you will need to follow a style guide that specifies how sources are cited.
  • What are primary and secondary sources?
    Your teacher has told you to use primary and secondary sources, but what are they? Understand the difference and use them to better understand the people, ideas and events you discuss in your paper.
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