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  • Compiled by one of the best-known authorities on Shakespeare’s works, the online-only dictionary A-Z Guide to Shakespeare offers up-to-date information on all aspects of Shakespeare in his own time and on his impact and influence on later ages. It includes entries on the plays and the major characters, on Shakespeare’s life and his contemporaries, on actors from Richard Burbage to Judi Dench, on theatres and directors, plus comments on Shakespeare by later authors such as Jane Austen, Dr Johnson, and Bernard Levin.
  • BookFlix is an online literary resource that pairs classic video storybooks with related nonfiction eBooks. Try out these online books for preschoolers through third-graders.
  • Explore thousands of topics in science, social studies, language arts, and mathematics for school projects, review concepts taught in school, or learn something new.
  • Canadian Points of View Reference Centre covers over 200 topics, each with an overview (objective background / description), point (argument) and counterpoint (opposing argument). It is designed to meet the requirements of the Ontario School Curriculums for K-12. Each topic features a Guide to Critical Analysis which helps the reader evaluate the controversy and enhances students’ ability to read critically, develop their own perspective on the issues and write or debate an effective argument on the topic.
  • Cantook Station est un service fourni par SOLS. Il réalise une grande variété de collections genre de fiction dans le roman, détective horreur et la science-fiction et du fantastique.Catégories de non-fiction les plus populaires sont la cuisine, Voyage, biographie, santé & bien-être, et les loisirs.

    Les enfants et les collections Jeune adulte sont disponibles à partir de La courte échelle, Éditions de la Paix, Éditions du Boréal, ainsi que l’ensemble Backlist de Dominique et compagnie.

    A wide variety of genre fiction collections in romance, detective horror and science fiction and fantasy. Popular non-fiction categories include cooking, travel, biography, health & well being, and hobbies.

  • Cloud Library 21 Day Loan collection is a collection of eBooks. The service will let you discover, borrow and read eBooks on your mobile devices and computers. 3M Cloud Library eBooks are compatible with PCs, Macs, iPads, Nooks, and Androids.
  • Cloud LIbrary 7 Day Express collection
    Sign out ebooks and audiobooks on Cloud Library Bestseller Express. This collection features popular books for 7 Day Loans with no renewals and no holds. Cloud Library eBooks are compatible with PCs, Macs, iPads, Nooks, and Androids.
  • Communications & Mass Media Collection brings together information found in more than 400 journals. Nearly 3 million articles on all aspects of the communications field, including advertising, public relations, linguistics, and literature, meet the needs of researchers. Exclusive features, including Topic Finder, InterLink, and a mobile-optimized interface, support and enhance the search experience.
  • The Criminal Justice Collection informs the research process for researchers who are studying law, law enforcement, or terrorism, training for paralegal service, preparing for a career in homeland security, delving into forensic science, investigating crime scenes, developing policy, going to court, writing sociological reports, and much more. The Criminal Justice Collection makes research easy by bringing together information from more than 250 journals. Exclusive features, including Topic Finder, InterLink, and a mobile-optimized interface, support and enhance the search experience.
  • eBrary Public Library Collection is now known as EBook Central.It provides authoritative, full-text e-books in a wide range of subject areas along with powerful tools to find, use, and manage the information. Subject coverage: Business & economics, Computers & IT, Education, Engineering & technology, History & political science, Humanities, Interdisciplinary & area studies, Language, literature & linguistics, Law, international relations & public policy, Life sciences, Medical, Nursing & allied health, Physical sciences, Psychology & social work, Religion, philosophy & classics, Sociology & anthropology
  • A collection of over 8,000 eBook titles. This collection is a mix of fiction and non-fiction with a broad range of topics. There is a collection of fiction and non-fiction books for children and teens.
  • Explora Canada Student Search 6-12 makes it easy for students in grades 6-12 to browse by topic or to search by keyword to find content from AP videos, magazines, encyclopedias and more. Results can be easily sorted by source type—magazines, reference books, news, photos, biographies, and primary source documents.
  • Stream 24/7. Download 5 MP3s per week, from a selection of almost 11 million tracks from Sony Music Canada, IODA and The Orchard. Thousands of music videos available for download (each video uses 2 of your 5 downloads).
  • Frontier Life. The settling of vast areas of the world by Europeans has left a particular and lasting influence on history. This collection of digitized primary source documents sheds light on the many dynamics of frontier existence and its lasting influence.
  • Offers remote, 24-7 access to eBooks including Non-Fiction Classics for Students and Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine.
  • Watch a movie or TV series, listen to music or an audiobook, or read an eBook. Streamed content is available for online or mobile access.
  • Language learning for kids 0-6, this resource introduces children to foreign languages in a way they can understand and enjoy. Accessible and engaging for young children, the method incorporates words and themes that are relevant to the child’s daily life, and research shows that early language learning enhances verbal development, social and cognitive skills.
  • lynda.com Library is an online learning site that hosts a constantly growing library of over 3,000 courses that include over 130,000 videos. Courses cover a variety of topics (including business, design, web development and multimedia skills) and software (Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite and open source applications) that can help you pursue personal and professional goals. These courses are delivered by expert instructors and feature searchable transcripts that make it easy to find quick answers to questions. They also feature Certificates of Completion that can be uploaded to a LinkedIn profile.

    lynda.com is only available through the library website and your browser - the app is not available to library customers.

  • An online language learning program teaching practical conversation and cultural awareness for the world’s most popular languages. Each lesson incorporates interactive tools and rich imagery that eliminates boredom and keeps you engaged.
  • Our Ontario is a portal to local history resources contributed by libraries, archives, museums, historical societies, community groups, and government ministries throughout Ontario. Highlights include historic local newspapers, photographs, maps, oral histories, videos -- and more...
  • Access audio books and eBooks online with your library card. Sign them out and download them to your portable device.
  • Popular Magazines provides access to the most searched magazines across the InfoTrac products. All of the titles are selected based on actual publication searches performed by library patrons and the database includes many titles recommended by Bowker’s “Magazines for Libraries,”.
  • Press Reader offers over 7,000 publications (magazines and newspapers) in over 60+ languages from over 120 countries. With the Press Reader App, periodicals can be downloaded and read anywhere! Sign-up today with your library card or access via Hotspot on the library wireless network.
  • RBdigital connects you to electronic magazines on your tablet or computer. Get e-magazines anywhere 24/7 with the RBdigital app, an Internet connection and the library catalogue to download the latest magazines. Once you’ve downloaded your copy, it stays on your device until you delete it. Create an account on the RBdigital website using your library card number.
  • TrueFlix is an online resource that leverages the award-winning True Books content to help students hone literacy skills, build knowledge of subject-area content, and cultivate 21st Century skills through the inquiry process.
  • Zinio for Libraries has merged with RBDigital. If you’ve used our Zinio app in the past, please download the new RBdigital app and use your Zinio login credentials to access your magazines.
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